Returning to Campus During COVID-19

Bradley’s Communication

“New study places featuring safety guidelines.”
by Lisbeth Houdek
“Students who want to study in the 
library can make reservations online.”
by Lisbeth Houdek
“Lydia statue following COVID-19 guidelines.”
by Marilyn Gutierrez
“No extra boost, can’t sit in Starbucks 
due to two week quarentine.”
by Kianna Goss
by Victoria Frazier
“Lonely classrooms, empty desks, and no students.”
by Lisbeth Houdek
“Eating areas are now empty without BU students.”
by Lisbeth Houdek
“Classrooms that used to be filled with students are now empty.”
by Lisbeth Houdek
“Katie and service dog in training, Parker, 
finishing up studying at 30/30 Coffee.”
by Katie Magree
“Isolation and social distancing at work.”
by Kianna Goss
“Studying from home.”
by Anai Salgado
“Buildings and doors are labeled to guide students on how to enter and exit.”
by Lisbeth Houdek