by Lukas Baker

Being transgender isn’t all that I am
I am not just the “transgender student”
My name is Lukas.
No, my favorite color is not blue or pink
It’s yellow, more of a beige yellow: close to a honey mustard color.

I am not your textbook but if you genuinely want to know something,
I’ll tell you.
Being trans isn’t the only thing I can teach you about.
I know a lot about wildlife, flowers, animals, reptiles, and so forth.
I’m actually not an atheist, I’m pagan.
I know a lot about the Greek gods and goddesses.

Being trans is not all that I am.
I’m 17 and in high school,
No, I don’t plan on growing my hair out again
When I notice someone is having a hard time,
I’ll ask them their favorite color
And their favorite animal.
I’ll show up the next day with a canvas in my hand to give to them.

I love going for walks
And I skateboard, sometimes I’ll take my dog with me.
I actually don’t listen to Cavetown that much.
I actually really like Falling in Reverse and Green Day.

Being trans is not all that I am
But I am transgender,
I go by He/They.
No, I won’t tell you my deadname.
Yes top surgery is on my agenda
I have an appointment to start Testosterone.

I have multiple transgender friends,
That doesn’t mean I know every trans person out there.
I’ll give you advice if you need it–
That doesn’t mean I’m your gender therapist.
But I’ll be there when you need me.

Being transgender is not all of who I am
But it’s still a part of me.
I’m proud of who I am.
I am still am transgender.

I have a flag and multiple shirts,
I’ve gone to a pride parade and I’ve been to a drag show
But it’s not all of me,
I’ve been to some art shows
I’ve been to dog shows
I’ve participated in a writing contest
And I’m learning piano.

Being trans isn’t all of who I am.
I have hobbies
And I have a life.
If you want to know, I’ll tell you.
But I can tell you about more things than one.

It’s not all that I am,
but it’s a small part that fills me in.
It’s part of the puzzle
That holds me together.
It’s a small piece that goes next to the others.

Being transgender isn’t all that I am
I am not just the “transgender student,”
My name is Lukas.
my favorite color isn’t pink or blue.
It’s a beige yellow that makes me happy.

I’ll answer a question if it’s asked politely.
But being trans isn’t the only thing I can teach you about.
I know a lot about art and writing techniques.
Being transgender isn’t everything I am.
But I still am.

Lukas Baker

Lukas Baker was born and raised in Peoria. Though technically a junior, Baker is taking senior classes at an alternative school and plans to graduate early in December 2022. He has a huge passion for art of all kinds, and writes poems and stories. Baker uses his art to advocate for
victims of child abuse, with a focus on sexual abuse. He is the main editor for his school’s newspaper and is working on the senior video. He is not afraid to speak his mind when someone is in the wrong or believes something needs to be changed. Baker has led protests in his school about many important issues.

Art by Aryanne Westfall

Ary Westfall is a junior Interactive Media major and Theatre Arts minor attending Bradley University. She is the social media manager for DAT, creates webcomics in her free time, and enjoys all forms of sequential art. Ary hopes to break into the comic world or find work in pre-production art for television.