Sticking it to Spotify

by Neve Kelley What happens when musical artists usetheir voices for more than singing? You may know Neil Young from...

Believe it or not,
Africa is a Continent

by Emmanuel Agyemang What you know—or don’t know—aboutAfrica might surprise you. “So did you live close to the trees and...

Optimism Is Its
Own Form of Funny

by Ayannah Garcia Maybe there’s a dark side to lookingon the bright side… As MJ said in Spider-Man: “If you...

“The Industry”

by Izaak Garcia When will Hollywood embrace diversity,inclusion, and representation? Movies, television, media, entertainment, glamor, money, celebrities, and power… all...

Being Transgender Isn’t All That I Am

by Lukas Baker Being transgender isn’t all that I amI am not just the “transgender student”My name is Lukas.No, my...

Dance Moves Me 

by Ayannah Garcia The final breath in the dark of the curtains leaves me nervous. Yet I still must walk out into...


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