Big Picture Initiative is a grassroots nonprofit group of dedicated volunteers who believe that art has the power to change our community. We are supported by private donors and corporate sponsors in our region who want to help us achieve our four key pillars.

Our Four Pillars


Portrait Artists – Call for Entries

Big Picture requests submissions for an exciting mural opportunity at Presidentials Barber Atelier, at 2016 N.
University Street. The committee is searching for an artist, or artists, who can paint realistic portraits of local
legends Shaun Livingston, Annie Turnbo Malone, Richard Pryor, and Willie York. To be completed in fall 2020.


Coming Soon!
Washington Street Gallery in Peoria’s Warehouse District will be unveiled in summer 2020. The gallery features 8 new mounted murals by local artists! Stay tuned for more news.



If you want to see public art now, visit our mural map and take a self-guided tour.






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