“I had so much fun being part of Big Picture last year. Organizing the Paint Fling was one of the highlights of a wonderful year. We had a street full of artists and participants creating art and having a blast.”

Darrin has been practicing Reiki since 1998. After his first attunement, he realized why his hands had been warm since he was a child. In 2004, he received his Master/Teacher degree and has taught multiple first and second-degree Reiki students. Darrin is board president for a spiritualist church in Bloomington-Normal. He believes that Reiki groups are one of the best ways to share and partake in energy healing. Being part of and holding multiple groups has allowed for growth and new experiences in the spiritual energy world. Darrin loves connecting to the life force energy and sharing it with others.

With a Bachelors in General Art from ISU, I have learned to see art in all situations and all aspects of my life. My goal is to help Big Picture Peoria provide the opportunity to others to learn art and learn how to use its knowledge throughout their lives.