by Karma Henderson

Alone but in a room full of people

Silent but surrounded by noise 

Full but so empty

Hot but so cold 

Most people wonder 

What drives depression

But nobody really knows 

Nor understands where 

It comes from 

Or how it 

KILLS my motivation 


STRANGLES my process 


SILENCES my voice 


REPLACES my voice with its own


YANKS my hand when I go to raise it

NOBODY sees how hard I fight

Because I’m okay

I force a smile almost every day

Hoping it would slowly fade away

Self-medicating just to be okay

Some days it does ease the pain

But it will never fully go away

I wonder what caused too much pain

Cus’ I ain’t lose nun’ in vain

So these feelings are kinda strange

I’on know where they came

Cus’ I got everything I need to my name

So I was just hoping they would go away

So I can live my life day to day

And REALLY be okay

Instead of just sayin’ I’m okay

But still feeling so much pain.

Art by Karma Henderson

Karma Henderson is 16 years old. She hopes one day to be a radiologist. Her interests are photography and helping others.