Global Water Fountain

Global Water Fountain

A collaboration with the Sun Foundation on the 2021 Virtual Clean Water Celebration in the creation of the Global Water Fountain.

  • Bring awareness of water into the home rather than delegate it to the twist of the tap.
  • Transform that big blank TV screen into living art that flows and surprises giving families time to relax, reflect, and appreciate the miracle of water. 
  • The Global Water Fountain was created from water around the world—the rice terraces of southern China to the waters from the Black Sea to the waterfalls of Minnesota to the Peoria County Courthouse fountain.
  • The Global Water Fountain is a work of streaming video art intended to play continuously as a daily reminder to treat our most vital resource with love, appreciation, and respect. 
  • The Leunigs are also offering the Global Water Fountain for free to anyone who wants to download the video to loop continuously. Please send an email to to request your copy.

The Sun Foundation has been teaching the art and science of water for almost 3 decades through its Clean Water Celebration normally held at the Peoria Civic Center each spring. This year the event will be virtual and everyone can take the opportunity to learn about our Illinois River along with other valuable lessons about water.

Learn more about the 2021 Sun Foundation Virtual Clean Water Celebration.

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