A Note From Our Publishers – Nov. 2020

A Note From Our Publishers – Nov. 2020

Feeding the Wolves

There is a Native American parable about two wolves. A grandfather is teaching his grandchild about life and says, “There is a terrible fight going on inside me between two wolves. One wolf is evil and filled withanger, greed, and resentment. The other wolf is joy, peace, love, empathy and compassion.” The grandfather continues, “The same fight is going on inside everyone.” The grandchild thinks a moment then asks, “Which wolf wins?” The grandfather replies, “The one you feed.”

This parable is timelier now than ever as we read headlines of more and more unrest in our nation. The evil wolf is being fed. A recent poll by Hill-HarrisX shows that 75 percent of registered voters believe the way news is reported increases political divide. In addition, hateful messages that are distributed and shared on social media contribute toa growing feeling that our nation is divided. The business of social media is built on drawing attention, so the more outlandish posts often get shared the most. With over 3 billion users on social media platforms, there is a lot of opportunity to sow seeds of hate—or of understanding.

Giving Voice is dedicated to feeding the wolf of compassion and love. That’s why each month we ask students to present to the public their views on life and how we can work together for a better future. This month you will read about student-led groups, what your clothing says about you, the opportunities community colleges offer, and more.

Our role as publishers of Giving Voice is to listen, learn and support them in their desire to be heard. These students are tomorrow’s leaders. Let’s hear what’s on their minds today and feed the ideas thatwill help our community become a better home for all.

Doug and Eileen Leunig

Big Picture Initiative