Autumn’s End 

by Ayannah Garcia

“Tis the damn season.”

Inspired by ‘Tis the Damn Season’ by Taylor Swift

Winter is coming 

Some might say it’s already here 

With the orange and red leaves barely on trees stunning 

The sheer sight of it makes me cheer

With Thanksgiving out of the way, it’s time to sing 

Time to turn on the fire and sit with crossed knees 

The flicker of a candle and loose shoestrings 

The time when there are no more bees 

Warm winter drinks and soft cookies

Bundles of blankets make you snuggly 

Family and friends feel like goodies

Gosh, I love winter! 

Gilmore Girls on its last episode 

Sleeping in ‘til two in the afternoon

Looking at the frost covering the road

The vibes in the air make me swoon

Different holiday movies fill the day

While we put up the ornaments on the trees

And every day feels like a Friday 

I’m sure you would agree

Sadness lingers like warmth on a cold night

Loneliness creeps in the house in the dark

Soon fireworks will be in the air at midnight 

And colder than winter in a park

The end of autumn comes with the happy and sad

Joy and depression are a package deal 

Along with the jeans and plaid

It just doesn’t feel real. 

About Ayannah Garcia

Ayannah Garcia is a freshman attending Richwoods High School, where she takes part in the Pre-IB program, the Royalettes dance team, and the drama club. Outside of school, she loves to dance, read, journal, travel with family, and play with her dog. In addition to these activities, she is currently a member of the Finale Group of the Greater Peoria Illinois Chapter of Jack and Jill, an organization for young African American individuals who want to serve the community, and a member of her church’s youth group.

Art by Qaasaani Little

Qaasaani Little is a freshman at Richwoods High School. Little is a member of Student Leadership Team and Student Council. She has loved art for as long as she can remember, including painting and drawing. Little’s artwork is for sale. She also loves animals, after school activities, and is inspired by her mom for always pushing her to do my best.