by Kamia Fair

She is learning and growing,
What a great women she’s becoming
She’s becoming who she was always afraid to be.

I compare her life to a blooming flower and cold weather
She is no longer looking for someone 

To cherish her—she cherishes herself.

The crying and worrying is over for her 

She’s bloomed so bright and smooth.
She no longer tries to fill that hole in her heart
Her soul is pure gold, she will never steep low as a sold item.

She won her most prized possession
She is no longer looking for that obsession and affection.
That blooming flower loves who she’s becoming.

Young age, dark things, dark place, 

Young, troubled girl with men grooming her
Now she finally found her right place.
No more darkness but she still has less to say (that won’t change).

I am she and she is me

She, him, they, and them hurt me
And I blamed me but him above says no more
“Let go and let god” and now I’m free.

Raise a toast to me
I’m me and I’m actually proud to say that I’m KAMIA
What a great feeling to finally feel me
My blooming name, this is me.

About Kamia Fair

Kamia Fair was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, and is a senior in high school at Manual Academy. Fair loves nature and R&B music. She has many personalities—one is a free spirit and another is closed in and shy. She loves anything that has a true meaning. Fair’s book is her voice and freedom. She likes to write about things like her past, present, and future, as well as the things she lives around. What inspired her to start writing poetry was trauma that happened in her past. It began as an every day journal, to finally bringing it out her inner self. Fair hopes to bring more people like herself from her community to write— or at least more people from her community to read what she speaks, and hope for it to inspire them and hope for them to hear her voice to feel where she is coming from.