Ending Senior Year

by Kamia Fair

After 4 years

I’m all cranked and geared

I’m ready to start my new and new beginning 

Hopefully my story has a happy ending!

The ride was fast but long 

I’ll sing my favorite song 

As I start my new life 

I’ve never been so ready to see 

What’s ahead of me 

But I’ll hold steady so I can see the better me.

As I end this tight path 

And go down a new one 

I hope everything goes right for me.

I hope I become who I want to become. 

I’m forming into who I want to be and I’m happy for me.

I worked hard to succeed 

And success is what I need, 

I’ll lead the way as I become a better me

I hope to encourage and help others 

Bring out the better them

This is not the last, but this task is done!

About Kamia Fair

Kamia Fair was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, and is a senior in high school at Manual Academy. Fair loves nature and R&B music. She has many personalities—one is a free spirit and another is closed in and shy. She loves anything that has a true meaning. Fair’s book is her voice and freedom. She likes to write about things like her past, present, and future, as well as the things she lives around. What inspired her to start writing poetry was trauma that happened in her past. It began as an every day journal, to finally bringing it out her inner self. Fair hopes to bring more people like herself from her community to write— or at least more people from her community to read what she speaks, and hope for it to inspire them and hope for them to hear her voice to feel where she is coming from.