Maria Shadid by Danielle Shadid

Danielle Shadid is a senior at Peoria Notre Dame High School. She enjoys art, volleyball, and spending time with her family. Shadid will be attending Loyola University Chicago next year to study biology with a minor in business. Drawing has always been therapeutic for Shadid and she plans to keep it close to her for the rest of her life.

“I drew my sister Maria because she has always been inspirational to me. She puts others before herself and has grown up being the glue that holds my family together. During quarantine, life always remained interesting and bubbly because of my sister. She pushed through nursing school in the middle of a pandemic and graduated with flying colors, despite always having been doubtful of her intelligence. We have always called Maria the “color” in the family because of her bubbly personality and her ability to wear her heart on her sleeve. I chose to draw my sister because she inspires me to be like her in her strength while remaining sensitive.”