My Childhood Is Gone

by Ayannah Garcia

The feeling of my youth is gone
I don’t know where it went but I see it when I look at the swans
Maybe it’s the superheroes flying around in capes that I miss
Or the warm feeling that comes along with a forehead kiss

Clouds are moving along the sky with my age
Money used to be a funny thing now it is a necessity for a wage
My brother’s not-forgotten absence aches in my rib cage
Almost feels like everything that is going on is a play on the stage

Is my youth in a place I cannot touch?
It probably is, since I miss it so much
Memories make my heart break into two
But you could somehow patch it with some glue?

Patch the broken heart and stitch my split
Gauze, tape and medicine are also in the First Aid Kit
To use to fix me while we are laying in the candlelit
Hold on, is this just an essay for school I forgot to submit?

My daydreams are distracting me from math
But they used to be a part of my life when I took a bath
Childhood feelings are slowly slipping from me
Where is a place I can once again be carefree?

I want back my dad’s tuck-ins
The laughter that came from tickling my skin
The feeling of my youth is gone and it makes my head spin
It makes me feel like I am scraps of paper left in the trash bin.

About Ayannah Garcia

Ayannah Garcia is a freshman attending Richwoods High School, where she takes part in the Pre-IB program, the Royalettes dance team, and the drama club. Outside of school, she loves to dance, read, journal, travel with family, and play with her dog. In addition to these activities, she is currently a member of the Finale Group of the Greater Peoria Illinois Chapter of Jack and Jill, an organization for young African American individuals who want to serve the community, and a member of her church’s youth group.

About Faith Marie

Faith Marie is a homeschooled 18 year old freshman at Ashworth College. She enjoys nature, rainy days, and her pet dog and snails. She has an abundance of love for Jesus and people of all kinds. The idea of creating art that has never existed before inspires her. You can find her on Instagram at @faithmariedraws or on tiktok at @_faitha.