My Dysfunctional Love Story

by Karma Henderson

Dysfunctional is love 

Love is Dysfunctional

Pulling me this way and that 

How do I decide what’s best for me 

He says this, he says that 

But what does she say? 

Nothing until it’s too late 

Hearts broken 

Tears fallen 

With no one to wipe them

Alone is peace but 

You’ve changed everything

Within me 

Now my peace is you 

Please be tender with it

For she has been damaged

Just now healing with much left 

Just be true it’s all I have 

Nothing else to lose 

But you 

For I have giving all I can give 

Please be tender 

I give you my damaged heart in exchange 

I ask for honesty, love, affection, wisdom and understanding 

I hope I’m not askin’ too much 

I don’t think I am 

But I think he does 

But here I stay still giving my all 

That’s why 

Love is dysfunctional.

Karma Henderson

Karma Henderson is 16 years old. She hopes one day to be a radiologist. Her interests are photography and helping others.