No Explanation 

by Karma Henderson

I gave you my heart body mind and soul 

In exchange I asked for honesty, 

Understanding, affection and wisdom and happiness 

Yet in return I get happiness

Heartbreak lies and conflict 

I thought I made you happy 

Your words say I do 

Yet some of your actions show otherwise 

Am I wrong for finally putting up 

Boundaries that I failed to set in the beginning?

Am I wrong for trying to unteach lessons 

I chose to accept?

I was so love struck that I chose

To ignore all the red sequences of flashing lights 

I’m sorry for loving you unconditionally the way you are 

Without teaching you the right way to love me 

I’m sorry the physical and mental

Distance between us was to rigid and infeasible for you 

For I thought our spiritual and unconditional 

Love for one another was enough to keep us bound 

But I have terribly mistaken our connection

It was not strong enough to withstand 

The trials and tribulations of Change

Explanation is all I ask yet it’s not given

Am I not deserving of such?

I can’t even blame you for the way you treat me 

Because I treat myself this way 

As well by allowing you to treat me this way  

Showing you it’s okay 

Maybe if I had more self-love and admiration 

For myself we could have work maybe 

If I was more strong willed and bold 

We woulda lasted, so no 

I’on hate you nor blame you 

I blame myself so please don’t think 

You’re in the wrong, it’s fa’sho my fault 

I guess this starts a new chapter to my life and yours

With mines I gotta learn to love me 

And be happy alone because 

If ion love myself nobody will love me 

So in a way you helped me, so thank you 

You have showed me what I need 

To improve and what I need to throw away 

I guess you were right

No explanation helps me in a way.

Karma Henderson

Karma Henderson is 16 years old. She hopes one day to be a radiologist. Her interests are photography and helping others.