Power of Diversity

Power of Diversity

A PAME Photo Exhibition

Many creative and persevering children from different backgrounds and cultures inspired the creation of Performing Arts Master Classes and Events (PAME). Thousands of youth have participated in PAME campaigns with the purpose of helping their community understand their needs.

PAME gives children and youth a voice in philanthropy through the arts. Earlier in 2020, they held a #powerofdiversity campaign in Peoria to get youth involved. The goal of the #powerofdiversity campaign was to bring youth together to celebrate cultural differences and similarities by respecting each other through a diversity-awareness photography contest.

PAME is happy that the campaign allowed children to express themselves about important issues. Groups in Illinois and Texas partnered with them to permit youth to be loud and proud about their actions, bringing forth positive change. The photos shown here are images selected from students in Illinois whose work was displayed at the Peoria Art Guild.

“Different Backgrounds United”
by Luis Valadez
by Misty Reed
Mount Carmel Elementary School
“Diversity means to me being different and staying positive!”
by Evelyn Avila
Lincoln School
Livi and Hanna
“My picture is of me, Livi Bryant, and my Penguin Project partner Hannah Capitelli 
sharing a fun moment between rehearsal scenes at last year’s Penguin performance of Hairspray! The Penguin Project embraces inclusion through an annual musical theater performance. The cast is made up of kids with various special needs who are partnered with a mentor that leads them through rehearsals and performances. Both Hannah and I started the Penguin Project three years ago and we are currently working on our third show together. I have grown so much getting to know Hannah and thoroughly enjoy the time we get to spend together!”

Livi Bryant, Brimfield HS freshman
Hannah Capitelli, Richwoods HS senior
“Diversity means to me different happy smiles.” 
by Estefany Madrigal 
Glen Oak School
Catrina Makeup
by Andraia Pankey
“The photo that I am submitting shows how there is a difference in height, skin color, size, shape, personality, and style in all different types of people. In the photo they are all 
holding a flag. They are flags for color guard, which is something that we all share.

You can find multiple different types of people and cultures through something that we share. We are all passionate about color guard and share the similarity through what we do and how much we have worked for it. Even though we are all different we come together and make something that we share with people. We are all different and have different ways that we view the world. Color guard is a place where our similarities and differences shine.”

by Danielle Gantt
Dunlap High school
Born with a Limb Deficiency
by Kylie Sullivan
Dunlap Valley
by Carley Osterman
Everyday Citizens
by Jessica Shelby
Pekin Community High School