Speak Up

by Kamia Fair

content warning: self-harm, depression, and suicide

The way you feel matters,

Express your feelings.

Are you trapped around your pain?

Trying to find a way to stay sane?

Speak up, let your thoughts set free,

Loving yourself has no fee

You’re screaming for help

But no one can see.

I demand you to speak up with me,

Suicide is not the choice

Let your thoughts set free!

You are strong, not weak

No one’s there, so you

Wipe your own tears, everyone’s here

But they don’t see you there.

Speak up with me. 

I’m hurt can’t you see?

Depression is real, you’re starting to get

Obsessed with the thrill of harming yourself,

You’re wounded, I can tell.

Heart stoned and cold,

Every person that walks into

Your life folds,

Now you’re all alone

Speak up, speak up with me.

Your life is important, 

Don’t let no one tell you differently

Bear with me, I know your life

Is rough, but be tough.

I know you’re tired of being strong

But hold on 

Speak up, speak up with me

Don’t hold your peace

Let your self release

Please, oh please 

I’m begging you to 

speak up with me!

You mean something,

It’s okay to be you.

Speak up, speak up with me

Let those tears dry and

Find your happy place,

God doesn’t make any mistakes

Speak up, speak up to me.

About Kamia Fair

Kamia Fair was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, and is a senior in high school at Manual Academy. Fair loves nature and R&B music. She has many personalities—one is a free spirit and another is closed in and shy. She loves anything that has a true meaning. Fair’s book is her voice and freedom. She likes to write about things like her past, present, and future, as well as the things she lives around. What inspired her to start writing poetry was trauma that happened in her past. It began as an every day journal, to finally bringing it out her inner self. Fair hopes to bring more people like herself from her community to write— or at least more people from her community to read what she speaks, and hope for it to inspire them and hope for them to hear her voice to feel where she is coming from.