Spring Trees are Blooming

by Ayannah Garcia

“Spring flowers are nature’s most fragrant charms” 

-Angie Weiland-Crosby

Six more weeks of winter because the groundhog saw its shadow

But that doesn’t mean leaves won’t grow

What things are there to do while there is still snow?

Nothing, but Spring peeks its head around the corner and says “Hello”

Lush green blades of grass sprout from the ground

Birds chirp at 5 am and you can’t believe that sound

No snow and the roads are clear

Sun sets late in the evening giving us no fear

Summer is coming and it seems like a great year

Maybe this Spring I’ll cry fewer tears

Vibes during weekends are surreal  

Wind and dirt in my hair as I roll down the steep hill

Flowers blooming with the rich smell

Colors so pretty like the dress of a belle 

Running to the sunset as we yell

Captivated by all the beach shells

I hope Spring is nice

And feels like paradise.

About Ayannah Garcia

Ayannah Garcia is a freshman attending Richwoods High School, where she takes part in the Pre-IB program, the Royalettes dance team, and the drama club. Outside of school, she loves to dance, read, journal, travel with family, and play with her dog. In addition to these activities, she is currently a member of the Finale Group of the Greater Peoria Illinois Chapter of Jack and Jill, an organization for young African American individuals who want to serve the community, and a member of her church’s youth group.

Art by Aryanne Westfall

Ary Westfall is a junior Interactive Media major and Theatre Arts minor attending Bradley University. She is the social media manager for DAT, creates webcomics in her free time, and enjoys all forms of sequential art. Ary hopes to break into the comic world or find work in pre-production art for television.