Andy Warhol

by Madison Seling

Madison Seling is a senior at Peoria High School. She is an aspiring artist that loves to draw and paint. Seling has an impressionist style of drawing and likes to paint portraits of people. She hopes to go to college and become a dermatologist whilst keeping up with art on the side.

As the leading figure in the visual art movement known as “pop art,” Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists. He did what good artists do: he created art and shared it with the world, along with his message. His art was explosive with color and composition. He was a fan of repetition and patterns. Andy Warhol used technology to reproduce and replicate art. He felt that if the intention to create and send a message was present, then that work was art. Though most people know him for his pop art, Warhol played a large role in defining the concept of “art.” It is thanks to him and many others that we can produce so many wonderful things and are able to call it art.