Boy George

by Clarice Gates

Clarice Gates is in 11th grade at Peoria High School, where she studies in the preparatory school of the arts program taught by Joseph Orteza. She hopes to become a professional artist. You can find her artwork on Instagram: @ claricelikestodraw.

Boy George is the lead singer of my favorite band, Culture Club. Culture Club was most popular in the 1980’s. Boy George shocked everyone with his gender-bending appearance and soulful voice. He had several number one hits and came across as educated and witty in his TV interviews. He slowly fell into drug addiction starting in 1984, and at the worst of times had a 400-dollar-a-day heroin habit. He eventually got help, overcame his addiction, and is now touring again with Culture Club at the age of 59. He has also worked as a DJ, music producer, and mentor on “The Voice UK.” Boy George inspires me never to give up and always have faith in the impossible.