downstream journey

the water ripples and moves continuously

so there is always something to see

the stream flows in a direction

a direction that is meant to move

so there is always somewhere to go

the clouds ripple and flow

along with the stream

a lifelong passenger.

nighttime routine

the sun has almost fallen

and I take a deep breath

as I watch the headlights flicker on

and the parking lot empty

the dragonfly passes

perhaps to find its place for the night

the biker rides onto the sidewalk

the street lamps turn on

the air finally cools

as the clouds grasp each other for warmth

the night approaches

and we all prepare.

About Rabiah Na’Allah

Rabiah Na’Allah and is a second-year student at the University of Iowa double majoring in Graphic Design and Cinema. She is from Peoria, Illinois, and the self-proclaimed middle child of three sisters. Rabiah is heavily involved in the University of Iowa Honors Program and serves as an Honors Outreach Ambassador and leader on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion council. She is involved in various organizations on campus including the Muslim Student Association, African Student Association and Student Advocates of Planned Parenthood. When she’s not working at school, you can find her doing photography, volunteering at a number of student productions through the Theater program, analyzing her favorite movies, or binge-watching Criminal Minds.