by Anonymous

Fear is when you get nervous like you badly want to accomplish something

Beat, beat, beat goes the sound of my heart

The feeling of when one of my family members has been in a horrible accident

It’s so terrifying I could eat all my fingernails 

When I have a tingling feeling that something strange is going to happen

When I get a bad report about something that happened at school

Fear is when I go to the stage and do something important

The feeling of nervousness when I don’t make the team

I fear one of my family members will die

Fear when my uncle died and I wanted to cry

Fear is when my grandma gets hurt

But when she cries, I try not to

When I get the feeling, I run as fast as lightening

Fear makes me stronger

We use fear to overcome our obstacles

So face your fears

Do not cry in tears

Be brave

Be strong 

Be focused

Never let fear bring you down

Fear will make you stronger

Fear will make you brave. 

Bravery will make you free