Why do we fear

by Ayannah Garcia

Why do we fear; there is nothing wrong with it as far as I can see

So pack your bags, face it head-on, and take a leap

A leap of faith, which Miles Morales said

Hesitate too much, but you are already over the edge

Flying past things down into the abyss 

All the things you see on the way might be a sight to miss

I really want someone to take me away from here 

Now I know why we fear

Mental cages are the first reason

Barriers that remain unseen and come every season 

If we don’t have them danger would hurt us since we are so carefree

And when I break it, I conquer my fear but what about me

My body might be broken from the fall

Might have to pick me up or I will crawl

Sorry for all the trouble I have caused

Forget everything I did and we will all take a pause

Pause and think of everything that led to this

That first time when I felt the feeling that was not bliss

Maybe I was crazy and just making everything up

Or maybe it was the first time that feeling stuck

I don’t know a solution; fear has not been dealt with yet

My process is starting over and baby steps

Slowly overcoming the little things

And my process starts with tying my shoestrings.