Getting Older

by Artaves Johnson

As I get older, I feel different as I knew this day would come

It’s like growth is a blooming flower

Waiting for the beautiful sun to shine down upon it

The older you get, the more you know

It’s like having the mind of NASA

The stars winked in the sky

As I began to grow old, it was like it all flashed before my eyes

My skin begins to wrinkle

Before I yawn, I will have a wife

One day I’ll be an old elderly man

My soul gets older with each blink I take

Sometimes, I wonder if that will be my fate

As I get older, my will becomes stronger and stronger

My bones become more fragile and unable to move as I lay kinda lifeless 

I hear a noise

Boop, boop, boop

Is how my heart sounds when it begins to stop