Hyunjin Hwang

by Khennedy Adkins-Dutro

Khennedy Adkins-Dutro is a sophomore in the preparatory school of the arts program at Peoria High School. Her interests include finding new music, learning to paint better, reading, writing Drabble stories, and watching Anime. Adkins-Dutro’s goals in life include becoming an influence to many younger people who look like her. She wants to show them that if you put your mind to something, you can do anything. Adkins-Dutro hopes to become a singer one day and travel the world. Ultimately, her goal is to be happy and content with everything that happens.

Hyunjin Hwang is a member of a K-Pop boy group Stray Kids. He was born in Seongnae, Seoul, South Korea and attended the School of Performing Arts there. Hyunjin is Stray Kids’ lead rapper, main dancer, and sub vocalist. In his K-Pop profile, it is noted that he wanted to become a singer because being on stage made him very happy and the music is very appealing to him. Before his debut, Hwang was a Trainee with the JYP entertainment company for two years where he met his fellow bandmates.