Nely Hatfield

by Mina Phetsavanh

Mina Phetsavanh is a sophomore at Peoria High School. Always more of a quiet person, she has ventured out and explored more of what she can do. Phetsavanh finds herself thinking more and more about how to improve and think about the things around her more positively. She want to be a psychologist or an entrepreneur. Phetsavanh also wants to be able to help those going through a tough time get out and see a brighter side in life. For now, she will keep on making art and making the best memories she can.

I painted someone that inspires me: Nely Hatfield, a teacher at Peoria High School. I never looked at a celebrity and thought, ‘Wow, they inspire me!’ Instead, those who inspire me will always be the people that surround me. Nely Hatfield always welcomed me with warm smiles and has been there when I needed to vent. Hatfield has patience and calmness, speaks words that no one else has spoken, and can make anyone’s day just by being near her. That is what inspires me—I want to be someone like that.