Lindsey Gurgul: Animation Storyboards

My name is Lindsey Gurgul and I am a sophomore in Bradley University’s animation program. I’m a transfer student, so this is my first year here. I’ve always liked drawing and watching cartoons, so I decided on being an animation major. I’ve grown up with my supportive family, who have definitely inspired this concept.

My animation is about a little kid kangaroo in his own little world. He’s hyper focused as he draws until he has finished his masterpiece and wants to share it with his mom (who, of course, loves it). I wanted a nostalgic and heartwarming feel with this story because I’m sure plenty of people can relate to pouring your heart and soul into scribbling on a piece of paper to share with a parent or loved one.

The storyboards focus a lot on the drawing process. Our mentor, Jamie Wunning, advised me to essentially just leave breadcrumbs of information, so the audience can get a taste of what is going on before it happens. Being that this is a short animation I also didn’t want to have to stretch it out for too long so that ended up working out in that aspect as well. To keep it simple, there is not a lot of camera movement, but plenty of cuts and different angles at different points of the drawing process.