Maria Sterr: Animation Storyboards

My name is Maria E. Sterr. I am currently studying animation, which I like to do in my freetime. Outside of that I like to go on walks and watch TV. I am trying to do more of the former than the latter activity. 

The animation is around skating. It follows a character lacing up her skates, waddling outside, and skating until she falls. It ends after the focus character stands up and continues to skate. The overall feel is supposed to be calm and more simple. It is based around the idea of going out for an afternoon activity during the weekend.

When creating the storyboard I wanted to develop an idea for how I want the character to look. My plan is to have the character be dressed in warmer colors so she can be different from her surroundings. The inside of the skating shack was brown and the outside has more muted tones of gray and blue. The character will stand out more in the outside background.  When creating it I wanted to focus on the character thus it seems more empty. To allow it to be more lively, I am planning on adding other background characters. Another thing to note is that most of the actions are mundane thus to aid the feeling of it being a winter activity not an adventure.