Nipsey Hussle by Mollie Unes

Mollie Unes is a senior at Peoria Notre Dame High School. Unes will be studying Marketing at the University of Missouri beginning this fall. She enjoys drawing with graphite and charcoal. For this piece, Unes used different sized black pens. The shape and value of the pens were used to make the multiple dots to form an image. The principles of unity and pattern were used as well to create the piece.

The title for this piece is ‘The Marathon Continues.’ Nipsy Hussle, a 33-year-old rapper, inspired me because he had big dreams. ‘The Marathon Continues’ soon became the tagline for his movement, bringing people of all colors together. He would say, ‘When you have been called by the universe to complete a task you keep running until the race is completed. And once you complete the race you run one more lap to let your enemy know that you won.’