Skate Break

My name is Maria E. Sterr. I am currently studying animation, which I like to do in my freetime. Outside of that I like to go on walks and watch TV. I am trying to do more of the former than the latter activity. 

Skate Break was mainly created because I assumed when I was finished it would be the perfect time for winter activities. Overall I am pretty proud of how it turned out. I like how it flows nicely together and I think I did a good job on the colors and backgrounds. I feel bad that I decided to cut two background characters because I liked their design, but I did so since they did not really fit anywhere and would clutter the screen too much if I forced them in. My favorite part was the first person perspective because of how smooth it was.

I learned a couple of useful things. The big one that was most recent was if I did not set the program correctly it might mess with the colors in the final video. The more interesting aspect was messing around with 3d effects in After Effects. It was one of the steps I used to get the first person part in the film. I then retraced the footage created in Photoshop since it flowed too fast and was out of place in the video. The retraced footage is part of the final cut and it fits better. Overall it is just nice to see it all come together.