Joey’s Drawing

My name is Lindsey Gurgul and I am a sophomore in Bradley University’s animation program. I’m a transfer student, so this is my first year here. I’ve always liked drawing and watching cartoons, so I decided on being an animation major. I’ve grown up with my supportive family, who have definitely inspired this concept.

Joey’s Drawing is about a little kangaroo, Joey, unleashing his creativity by making a drawing for his mom (Mom). He’s truly just in his own little world, doing what he loves as everyone should. I wanted to capture the wholesomeness and nostalgia of scribbling on a page and giving it to a loved one who will genuinely cherish it. 

There were plenty of things I learned over the course of this project. Being that I hadn’t really animated too much before this, I was able to discover and test out the principles of animation through this. Just squishing objects or characters made this project more dynamic. Going along with that, I learned a lot about how subtle things can make such a big difference in a sequence. Adding blush to Mom when she sees the drawing was all Jamie’s idea because she looked uncomfortable without it, and I could totally see that once she pointed it out. In general, I also learned the value of critiques. Just one small piece of advice can really add onto the viewing experience, and I should definitely get the input of others way more often. 

I had so much fun with this project, so thank you Giving Voice for giving me the chance to make it!