October 2022

The Dark Forest Theory

by Izaak Garcia  Maybe the only reason Earth still exists  is because we have not yet been found…  There are numerous explanations as to why humanity has not encountered other alien lifeforms in the universe. Could it be because we are truly the only intelligent species? Perhaps our technology has not yet advanced far enough …

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My Feelings

by Kamia Fair  My feelings have to be kept quiet to keep peace Silence is beauty but not for me Crying out for help but you don’t see me I’m hurting but you don’t feel me I’m breaking but you won’t uplift me. When will my feelings matter? Never, I see My voice is so …

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downstream journey

the water ripples and moves continuously so there is always something to see the stream flows in a direction a direction that is meant to move so there is always somewhere to go the clouds ripple and flow along with the stream a lifelong passenger. nighttime routine the sun has almost fallen and I take …

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